Family Services of Metro Orlando was founded in 2003 through a statewide competitive process under an initiative of then-Governor Jeb Bush. This initiative – called Community-Based Care – to provide leadership in creating a network of community-based supports for children and families was a legislative mandate to engage and empower individuals to support their children and families at the community level.

Today, we announced a new brand. This new brand is more than a new logo. It is a new way of thinking to empower communities to create possibilities for children and families. As a civic organization serving the needs of children and families, we are connecting, supporting and partnering with more than 100 organizations that directly support at-risk families and children. By leveraging both public and private resources, our work principally focuses on innovative practices and urgent action to improve the lives of children.

The professional care managers and caregivers who partner with Family Services of Metro Orlando are very passionate about and good at what they do, and many of the children who have been entrusted into our care end up thriving in the proper environment. So although there are many challenges ahead of us, I feel confident that with your help, we can give every child a childhood. Will you join our family? Explore our website, and learn the many ways in which you can get involved. Together, we can change lives.

– Gregory Kurth, CEO, Family Services of Metro Orlando


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