Child and Family Practice Initiative

Family Services announces success of new initiative for permanent placement of foster children.

The Child and Family Practice Initiative (CFPI) is an intense, assertive and coordinated approach by Family Services to combat foster care drift and find permanent homes for children lingering in foster care in Orange and Osceola counties. The basis for the CFPI model comes from the successful Georgia Permanency Roundtable Project, which is supported by Casey Family Services, of the Annie E. Casey Foundation. Since the creation of the CFPI in October 2009, we have helped our partners safely move more than 80 children toward permanent homes with strong families. As we continue to reduce the number of children in foster care, more funding will become available for use by our innovative family strengthening and child abuse prevention programs.

The CFPI incorporates the activities of several pre-existing programs including Family Finders, which locates fit and willing relatives to care for family members in foster care, Family Team Conferencing, which strengthens support networks for families who have been reunited with their children, Resource Specialists, who locate and mobilize community supports for families and Child Welfare Specialists, who ensure timely provision of services toward each child’s permanency goal. Through the efforts of the CFPI team, families can be reunited, children’s lives can be rebuilt and the cycle of abuse can finally be broken.

For more information, contact Beth Lewis at or (407) 398-7975.


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