Eckerd Family Foundation Partnership

Family Services works with the Eckerd Family Foundation and the San Francisco Youth Law Center to meet and exceed standards of excellence for services provided to foster families in Central Florida.

Family Services is one of the four lead agencies selected for the Quality Foster Care Recruitment-Retention Initiative for 2009 – 2010. Each day we commit to meeting and exceeding standards of excellence for the licensed care of foster youth in Central Florida. The Initiative is an Eckerd Family Foundation and San Francisco Youth Law Center project supported by the Department of Children and Families. It aims to position Florida as a national leader in achieving standards of excellence in the quality of home life for children who have been placed in licensed foster care. As such, we are implementing several new improvements.

On January 20, the Florida State Quality Foster Parent Initiative brought seven pilot sites together for a presentation by Deb Bronson McGrath of Discover True North regarding how to brand foster care within our communities. Family Services, Kids Central, Hillsborough Kids and United for Families were present. Our team members who attended included our Community Advocate Kathy Williams, Director of Communications Bart Mawoussi, Senior Director of Permanency and Operations Sharon Graham, two foster parents and Children Legal Services Managing Attorney Mary Kogut-Lowell.

Other aspects of the partnership’s pursuit include an update of the Foster Parent Advisory Council, a new Foster Parent Liaison program, foster parent mentoring and a new foster parent training curriculum with other foster parents are co-trainers.

For more information, contact Sharon Graham at 407-398-7975 or


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