New CMS Pilot Program

New Medical Advisory Board initiative promotes continuous quality of care for children with special health concerns.

The Medical Advisory Council (MAC) has created with Children’s Medical Service (CMS) a pilot for the improved care of foster children with special health needs. As the first act of the MAC, the plan is expected to dramatically improve the quality of medical care for both current and future foster children. The program charges CMS coordinating care and providing added support of a social worker and a nurse for each individual child, who the child will then retain regardless of current placement. Other benefits of the program include improved communication between behavioral and medical professionals treating foster children. There will be a new focus on alternatives to psychotropic medications. Within the pilot, we will partner with our existing agencies to provide behavioral health services such as Behavioral Support Services, Intervention Services and Devereux to name a few.

We will begin with approximately 100 foster children; initial focus will be children in paid licensed care with behavioral health issues, who currently receive psychotropic medications or carry a psychiatric diagnosis. The pilot begins April 1, 2010 with One Hope United and Youth and Families Alternatives as pilot sites. Dr. Veenod “Vinny” Chulani, of the Family Services of Metro Orlando Board of Directors, as well as Dr. Samuel McClure, a psychiatrist contracted with Devereux, were two of the primary participants in the development of this pilot opportunity.


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