Public Allies

National community service model could improve services offered by Central Florida nonprofit organizations.

Following a strong program proposal and productive site visit, Family Services of Metro Orlando has been selected as one of five nationwide finalists to demonstrate the value in bringing the Public Allies national community service model to Orlando.

Founded in Chicago with the active participation of Barack and Michelle Obama, Public Allies brings a depth of history and experience to select communities throughout the nation and has been featured as a best practice by McKinsey & Company, Bridgespan Group, Cisco, AmeriCorps and others. Individuals selected as Public Allies can be placed in paid 10-month apprenticeships in nonprofit organizations where they will create, expand and improve services that address issues such as education, health, economic development and the environment. Additionally, they receive weekly leadership development training and collaborate on a team service project. If Central Florida is selected as a partner region, the model will allow for up to 30 individuals to become involved in nonprofit and civic organizations in Central Florida.

Emily Furlong and Margaret Linnane of the Philanthropy & Non-Profit Leadership Center at Rollins College, hosted an informational meeting regarding the Public Allies Program at the Rollins College SunTrust Auditorium on March 16, 2010. The event, which was attended by more than 40 local non-profit leaders and active citizens, gathered tremendous public support for the initiative. Guest speaker Paul Schmitz, Public Allies CEO, summed up the proposed program as “A national model that becomes a community-based effort.”

For more information, contact Bart Mawoussi at or 407-398-7975.


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