Prospective Parents Meet Foster Youth

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Adoption Matching Event is the first step to finding forever families for 45 youth

On Saturday March 20, 45 foster youth gathered at the home of Bob and Gwyn Picerne for an afternoon of food, fun and, hopefully, finding a forever family. The festivities were part of an adoption matching event that introduced potential parents with children who are awaiting adoption.

Bob and Gwyn serve as CEO and president of Embraced by Grace, a Central Florida non-profit that provides support to families who are in the adoption process, and their organization sponsored the event. A donation from Walmart also made the event possible. Volunteers from Riverbend Community Church provided extra help throughout the day and Lisa Davis painted faces for the youth.

The 20 families who attended were invited by Chala Barrington-Cruz and Shanda Moorman, adoption recruiters for Wendy’s Wonderful Kids (WWK) at Family Services of Metro Orlando.

Wendy’s Wonderful Kids is a program of Family Services that works to overcome the difficulties of finding forever families for teens and sibling groups by recruiting parents who meet the specific needs of each child. Several of the youth who are part of WWK are also featured in the Heart Gallery of Metro Orlando including Bethann, Josh and brothers Jazzpen and Jazzper.

The adoption matching event was filled with ice breakers that allowed both the youth and the adults to introduce themselves to each other. After the games, lunch provided an additional opportunity for everyone to get acquainted. Bob Picerne worked the grill for the 75 hungry guests including youth, adults and case managers from various partners of Family Services of Metro Orlando. The event ended with Marvin, one of the foster youth, reading a poem he wrote about his fear of aging out of foster care.

If you are interested in adoption, please contact Kathy Williams at 1-877-6-MY-KIDS or


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