New Starbucks Partnerships Helps Florida Families

Since merging with the Community Service Center, Family Services of Metro has been able to provide more assistance to families in need. Programs from the CSC help families with unforeseen emergencies by providing rent and utility assistance, a clothes closet and a food pantry. As of mid-March, the CSC expanded the food pantry by partnering with Starbucks Harvest Program.

The entire program was developed from the concern of one employee who shared her idea online. The goal was simple; her store could stop wasting so many pastries by donating day old goods to local organizations. It caught the attention of the Starbucks Retail Implementation team and the program expanded to Starbucks nationwide on March 15.

The Semeran Starbucks approached the Community Service Center because of its 40 year history of supporting Central Florida. Two-day-old goods from the Semeron location will be picked up three times a week and made available at the CSC, adding to the bread donated weekly from Publix.

“We have the opportunity to take something that was bound to be wasted and use it to feed hungry families,” said Lee Pates, senior director at Family Services of Metro Orlando. “And all of this came about because a company took the time to listen to a great idea.”


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