Family Services’ Foster Parent Liason Featured on La Magica WOTS

Foster Parent Liason Victor Salgado will be featured 9/27 to talk about the need for foster parents in Osceola County

Tune in Monday September 27 at 5 p.m. to WOTS 1220 AM to learn more about the foster parent needs of Osceola County

Family Services of Metro Orlando’s Foster Parent Liaison Victor Salgado will be a guest on La Magica with host Mari Acevedo. Victor will also be joined by Kissimmee foster-to-adoptive parents Elsa and Samuel Gonzalez, whose example has led many of their family members to also foster local children and teens.

Listen in on their conversation to hear their thoughts on the foster care system and the extreme need for more foster parents to love abused and neglected children in our Osceola community.

This broadcast will be in Spanish only. If you are outside of the range for La Magica 1220AM but would like to listen to the broadcast, you can listen online at:


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