Notes from Office of the CEO: 9/27/2010

Last week, the Third District Court of Appeals upheld a Miami lower court ruling that overturned Florida’s long-standing ban on gay adoptions.

Subsequently, the Florida Department of Children and Families issued a policy directive ending the practice of determining the sexual orientation for the purpose of screening out gay adoptive parent applicants.

In Central Florida, we are currently seeking good parents for nearly 100 children who never had safe and loving families of their own. Some of them have been in foster care for much longer than we have been in business. A few have spent their entire lives in foster care.

Just imagine how many more local youth might find their forever families now that potential adoptive parents need only prove that they will be good, protective and loving parents – for life.

If your life has been touched by adoption, share your story at our website. Your example will encourage and motivate others to consider adoption. I truly believe that with your help, the goal of having no children waiting for adoption is now within reach.

Now through October, see the Heart Gallery at Florida Hospital for Children in downtown Orlando. Or visit the Heart Gallery online at our website.

Have a safe and fulfilling week.

Gregory Kurth, CEO
Family Services of Metro Orlando


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