Notes from the Office of the CEO 10/4/2010

Our commitment to capacity building and creating possibilities for the Central Florida community was made even stronger this week. As of Friday, October 1, 2010, there are 26 Public Allies of all different backgrounds working with 18 non-profits in Central Florida who will mainly be working on behalf of children and families.

This is a significant step toward the improvement of the civic landscape in our community, as well as a terrific opportunity for the 26 Allies who have been chosen to participate in the program. Through our partnership with Public Allies, we can begin to develop the next generation of leadership for nonprofits in our community.

For me, this initiative is a partly a personal one; Almost 18 years ago, I was introduced to the vision of Public Allies by being included in a national planning conference that created the name. Through the planning process, I was introduced to some of our nation’s strongest community leaders dedicated to community service. Their commitment to serve inspired me to plan Chicago’s Public Ally program and continue on a career path that focused on serving my community.

To commemorate this exciting new initiative, join me on Friday, Oct 8, from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. at the official launch of the Public Allies Central Florida program at Broadway Methodist Church 406 E. Amelia St.Orlando, FL 32803. Meet the new Allies, the non-profits that will be hosting them, and the program’s incredible team of leaders: Karla Radka, Jesse Brown and Diana Delgado.

Speaking of leadership, I would like to take a moment to congratulate Shanda Moorman, one of our Wendy’s Wonderful Kids Adoption Recruiters, for winning the national Caseworker of the Month award from Adopt US Kids. This is an incredible honor, and I am so pleased her hard work has been recognized.

Have a safe and fulfilling week.

Gregory Kurth, CEO
Family Services of Metro Orlando


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