Foster Parent Liaison Featured on La Magica WOTS

Foster Parent Liaison Victor Salgado is working on behalf Family Services’ foster parents.

On Monday, September 27, La Magica WOTS 1220 AM in Kissimmee, Florida aired an interview between Family Services’ Foster Parent Liaison Victor Salgado and host Mari Acevedo. Victor has worked with La Magica in the past to use radio airwaves to educate community members about the need for foster parents in Osceola County.

In this interview, Victor was joined by Kissimmee foster-to-adoptive parent Elsa Gonzalez. Together with her husband, Samuel Gonzalez, Elsa began fostering children in New York over 15 years ago.
“One day, I saw on the news that whoever wanted to be a foster parent should call the telephone number on the screen,” she recalled. “So that’s what I did… We had an extra room in our house, and since our two daughters we already grown, we decided to have a child come into our home… When we moved to Florida, we had the same situation with our new house, so we thought ‘Why not continue doing what we’ve been doing?’”

Today, Elsa and Samuel are licensed by Youth and Family Alternatives, Inc. in Osceola County and have fostered children in both short-term and long-term state care. They have also adopted two sons into their family forever. Their adult daughters and nephew have been inspired by their couple’s example to become foster and adoptive parents as well and have even worked to adopt several of the Gonzalez’s foster children.

“We foster because [these] kids really need a home,” said Elsa. “Sometimes you have to love them even more than if they were your own kids. You have to dedicate a lot of time to them… but you know it is going to pay off.”

“Elsa and Samuel are an excellent example of the kind of foster parents we are trying to draw with our recent Quality Foster Parent Initiative in Osceola County,” said Victor Salgado. “It has been my pleasure to work with Maria Acevedo and WOTS 1220 AM in creating this opportunity for Elsa to speak and draw attention to this often overlooked need.”


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